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Bonjour Paris!

We arrived in Paris at 9:36am yesterday (Thursday) after a hot cramped night on the train. Our hostel, St. Christopher’s, is amazing. It is brand new, has an attached bar and restaurant, and the rooms and beds are comfortable and spacious. Here’s a peek at our room:


Yesterday was a great brief look at Paris. We began by eating breakfast at the park by our hostel. Tammy had an egg and tuna baguette, me, a meat quiche. YUM! I’m obsessed with food. I’m spending too many €€ on it!!




After breakfast we went to Notre Dame. It was SO beautiful. There was some sort of festival going on the the square right in front… There were tons of people, lots of music, tents of food, and a large tent where Tammy and I got to enjoy some free samples. To read more about Notre Dame, read my other post.

After Notre Dame, we took our first power nap of the trip. Ohhhh we needed it terribly. I don’t think either of us have napped so hard in our lives. Even after we woke, we needed an espresso for that extra kick to keep us going.

We then went to the Eiffel Tower. It was SO BEAUTIFUL. To read about our Eiffel excursion, read my other post.

It was a great first day in Paris!! Tammy thought of an excellent adjective to describe this city: stately.

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