European Adventure

Tour Eiffel

I loved the Eiffel Tower. I am so glad that Tammy and I took the advice to see it before dusk and at night. The Eiffel looks so sparkly when it is all lit up. Unfortunately one of the lifts to the top was down, so only one was available. We stood in line for a solid 2 hours to get tickets.


It was worth waiting in line. Even web it began to drizzle. We ate some French fries (frites!) to help pass the time, but otherwise it went very quickly. While waiting in line at the base, the flashy, sparkly lights began to shine. They were like a thousand strobe lights that gave the Eiffel the appearance of glittering. Everybody has the same “OOOHHH!!!” reaction. It reminded me of when I saw the solar eclipse in China – despite the cultural differences and language barriers, we all have the same reaction when in awe.


The view from the top was breathtaking. And so windy! We could see the whole city. It was worth the wait!!


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