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A Love Letter To Italy

Disclaimer: I’m throwing my heart out there. It is a scary thing to do, but hopefully Italy will reciprocate its love.

Dear Italy,

I apologize from the deepest depths of my soul that I had to leave you. I know that our fling only lasted about a week, but please know that it was one of the best weeks of my life. It’s not you; it’s me.

I know there were several times I offended you by disliking your streets and traffic. Your streets are just too winding and narrow! Your vehicles barely fit and I would have to walk in the roads when your sidewalks became too congested. I feared fir the lives of your drivers and pedestrians. It seemed like you had no rules. And your cobblestone roads were treacherous even in my walking shoes. How would I ever wear heels for you? But it’s a flaw I’m willing to look over.

Thank you for giving me sunshine and blue skies everyday. Thank you for having so many worthwhile places to visit. Thank you for your culture and thank you for preserving your history.

I’m going to miss jealously eyeing your high fashion. I’m going to miss all your music – especially your street musicians with their accordions and guitars. And the fact that it seemed like every old Italian man would burst into opera at every opportunity.

I’m going to miss the expressions of affection displayed by all the lovers on the town. At first I was taken aback by such public intimacy, but I’ve actually began to find it endearing. Italy, we can have that relationship!

The thing I will miss most about you is your food. They don’t make em like you in the good ole US of A. You have a gelateria and pastry shop/bakery on every street corner. And when I walk by, you’re so tempting with your sweet scent. I loved your cannolis, and crunchy thin crust pizzas, and your abundance of pasta dishes. You were worth the food belly I grew during my time with you.

One day I will come back to you, Italy.

Ti amo,


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