About Us

We’re Amanda and Eric.

This wasn’t always a couples travel blog. But life happens and so does love. Thank goodness for that.

We met in 2012, merely weeks before Amanda’s backpacking Europe adventure, were engaged on Whitehaven Beach in 2014, and married in 2015. We knew it was true love when we adopted a cat together. His name is Cheddar. Amanda takes about 50 photos of him per day. That’s not the point — this isn’t a cat blog. This is a travel blog.

We are adventure-seeking, weekend-wandering part-time travelers and vacation day advocates. We’re trying to travel as much as possible while balancing a normal life of full-time careers, student debt, a mortgage, auto expenses (darn you, Motor City), and everyday costs of living. We work hard, but prioritize travel. Life is quick and the world is large.




travel blogger Amanda CarnagieAbout Amanda

The voice behind the writing. The creator of The World Incorporated. The one who forced Eric into a love for travel. Loves dancing and singing. Will never turn down ice cream or chocolate. Second-guesses tall heights. An ENFP in every way. Amanda is a marketing professional for a Michigan-based insurance company. You can learn more about her by reading her original About Amanda page.


travel blogger Amanda Carnagie
About Eric

The unofficial The World Incorporated travel blog cameraman. Muse of Amanda who inspires laughter and stories. Loves craft beer. Always the driver. Always knows when to stop and take a photo but hates being photographed. Wary of ‘dangerous destinations’ but typically the more adventurous of the duo. We don’t disclose his day job — he’s a man of mystery.

Amanda is the dreamer; Eric is the doer. Amanda plans itineraries; Eric books them. Eric is the voice of reason, while Amanda is running through a field of sunflowers chasing kittens (preferably Cheddar). Eric is the funny one while Amanda is trying to seek the interconnectedness and deeper meaning of everything. We have polar opposite personalities, but it works. It works brilliantly.

Travel is better when we’re together.


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