What I Would Do in Five Days in Queensland

I suppressed my inner overachiever from planning Australian adventures that would last a month and narrowed the list to my top activities with 5 Days in Queensland:

Feel alive where coral thrive on a Great Barrier Reef Dive

A few days learning how to snorkel was practice for the Great Barrier Reef. It’s time to swim with the manta rays, maori wrasse, & giant clams!

A few days learning how to snorkel in Florida was practice for the Great Barrier Reef. Time to swim with the manta rays, maori wrasse, & giant clams!

The moment the Coral Sea swallows me and I am transported to this rich habitat off the shores of Queensland will be a moment of pure jubilation. An underwater kaleidoscope of vibrant fish and rich coral, the Great Barrier Reef serves as home to 1,500+ species. There’s no hesitation that I’d easily spend a day (or more) snorkeling below the surface marveling at this maritime universe designated as a World Heritage site and world wonder. Viewable from satellite, I’d dream to see our planet’s largest network of living organisms from above – perhaps parasailing like a pelican scouting for his meal? A Great Barrier Reef experience in the sea and in the sky.

Experience the aboriginal nation through my active participation

Equally as important as sightseeing is engaging oneself in a location’s history and culture. Sometimes this can be satisfied through museums, but in the case of Australia, I’d participate in an aboriginal cultural experience. At the Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park I can play the didgeridoo, paint my face, throw a boomerang, and discover Australia’s indigenous roots. Tjapukai’s website even said, “Nganydjin-da Garran Ngundalna” (Come and visit us soon!). To which I respond, “I’m trying!”

Go off-track in the Outback (& try that good snack)

This is not the Outback. I'm overlooking meteor crater (several years ago). But let's pretend this is me in awe of the Australian Outback.

This is not the Outback. I’m overlooking meteor crater. But let’s pretend this is me in awe of the Australian Outback – and let’s make it happen!

The large, open, daunting outback – best spent cruising on a 4×4. A station stay is my accommodation of choice, where I can gather local tales & anecdotes. I won’t go hungry – I did my research and word on the web is that Birdsville Bakery crafts a curry camel pie that must embrace my tastebuds. After an active afternoon, I’d slow down to appreciate Queensland at dusk. Due to the outback’s sparse population, a dark sky offers the perfect stargazing situation to conclude the day.

Link up with a wildlife teacher to play with Queensland’s iconic creatures

Laugh with a kookaburra. Cuddle a koala. Hop with a kangaroo. Mingle with wombats. Australia is known for iconic animals. While it’s likely I won’t have time to meander through a wildlife reserve, I’d try my best to incorporate my animal meet & greets in my other Australian adventures.

*Bonus Activity* Attend the Problogger Conference! There’s a first time for everything! I’d consider attending this opportunity to take my travel writing dream to the “next level.”

Okay, so maybe I didn’t suppress my inner over-achiever. Even if I accomplished one of these items, my world would flip upside down. Or shall I say down under?


The ever resourceful Johnny Jet is responsible for inspiring this post through his Blogger Contest in collaboration with Tourism & Events Queensland and Delta Vacations. Thanks, Mate!

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