Rhyme & Reason – Summer Beer Fest

Sometimes when inspiration hits, my brain jumps on a roller coaster of ideas in words, images, plans… and like a roller coaster track, I need to harness these ideas and creatively channel them or else all is lost.

So when I saw a post on Detroit Metromix’s Facebook page about submitting an entry to win tickets to the Summer Beer Fest in Detroit, rhymes materialized and I was forced to spend a lunch break crafting my entry.

And I won! Here is my winning poem:

My Rhyme & Reason for Pursuing Tickets for a Fest-o-Brewing
(now my creativity is stewing, which is why a poem is what I’m doing)

My dear beer, how you bring me cheer
The fest of you is drawing near!
I saw this post and want to boast,
“Oh Metromix, I love you most
So if I go… to you, I toast!”

I saw the list and had to gawk
With beers from Bells and Saugatuck.
I’ll drink one up from Dragonmead
And from the food trucks I will feed.
Attend this fest? I have the need.

I’ll make my way throughout the crowd
To drink them all, Michigan proud.
Magic Hat & Rochester Mills –
Stop & admire their brewing skills,
Sample their beer – it really thrills.

I hope to go & discover
Paradise for this beer lover.
And if I really do succeed
Meet expectations or exceed
And hear, “Hey, Amanda, go proceed!”
I’ll spread Michi-beer love, guaranteed.

I have no idea what comes over me sometimes. Yet sometimes it pays off. Big thanks to Metromix for selecting my entry. I’m definitely looking forward to spreading the Michi-beer love. Perhaps I’ll even turn this poem into a drinking song during the Summer Beer Fest (*wink*).

Look forward to posts about the actual festival! Which local Michigan craft beers should I check out?

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