The Louvre

The Louvre was majestic and gargantuan. I’ve never seen an art museum of such massive proportions. The symbolic glass pyramids were exciting to see as well. Surprisingly the wait to get inside didn’t take too long and our entrance fee was free because we are under 26.

We’ve been told that it can take DAYS to get through the museum so we decided on visiting the most famous pieces of art and wandering through a couple exhibits.

Of course we went through the Italian art exhibit and saw Mona Lisa.

Here’s the dialogue that occurred after we saw the painting:
Tammy: This is going to sound dumb, but who painted the Mona Lisa?
Amanda: Uhhh… Are you serious????
Tammy: Wait, was it Picasso? Oh no…. He did landscapes…. No… Monet did landscapes…. What did Picasso paint??

Haha… Oh boy.

The answer to her question was DaVinci, by the way. and Picasso was a modern Spanish artist known for cubism.

And we went through the Roman and Greek statues. We saw Venus di Milo.

And then we strolled through the Egyptian artifacts, which was really awesome.


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