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Sorrento – Night 1

Tammy and I completely fell in love with Sorrento. So much, in fact, that we chose to extend our stay for an extra day. Due to this, we did some adjusting to our plans and came to Florence a day later and removed a day from our Paris plans.

If there was any place in the world that looked like a postcard, it would be Sorrento. The town is nestled on the coast of the Meditterranean on top of towering cliffs. Sorrento is well known for their lemons. Approaching the city was so awesome; alongside the train tracks were groves of trees dotted with bright yellow lemons. And yes, when we were there we did try some… so tart and wonderful!

Once we reached Sorrento, we were so beat from figuring out the trains and hours of traveling that we splurged on the most delicious cannolis ever. Honestly, I’ve never eaten so many cannolis in my life. Tammy and I walked around the town for a while, and met up with our hostel-mates Jaime and Kelli for dinner and drinks. We went to a little restaurant called Menekken Pis and whaddya know, our table is next to a group of old Italian men. And when ‘Nino’ (as we are calling him) laid his eyes on Miss Tamara Roumayah, the heavens opened and a halo of light was cast upon her. He was instantly in love and began to serenade her in Italian. Oh, it was glorious. He loved her eyes. Well, at least that’s what we think he was trying to signal… the language barrier between Italian and English had our communication at a disadvantage, but it was quite obvious that this man was smitten with Tammy. In fact, he loved her and our table so much, that he proceeded to provide for us fresh tomatoes from a caprese salad, olives, two rounds of limoncello, AND cannolis. For all of us. And he sang to us the whole night. Solo Mio and Besame Mucho were my favorite songs of his. Thank you, Tammy, for catching the eye of the old Italian man. My stomach and change purse was very happy. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard to where my stomach hurt. :)

After our time well spent with ‘Nino’ we ladies were heartbreakers and left him to cruise around town. It was a really fun night and we met a lot of local Italian friends and fellow backpackers. You know what I loved about Sorrento? Everything is so close to each other and people are everywhere. There are little shops and bakeries and restaurants everywhere. All the restaurants are half outdoors too. Everything about the city is picturesque. I also enjoyed Sorrento because it was much more relaxed than Rome. I felt like I was on more of a ‘vacation’ than an adventure.

But my favorite part about our time in Sorrento was when we had our excursion to Capri the next day, which will be in my next post.

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