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On Sunday we took a ferry and spent the day on Capri. It was a BEAUTIFUL day for an island adventure. The sky was blue, the sun was shining, and the temperature boasted a delightful 80 degrees. Unfortunately we missed the excursion that was offered by our hostel (we have been having alarm clock issues) but it was nice for us to plan our trip on our own terms; not the hostel’s.

It was a very short ferry ride across the Tyrrhenian Sea to get to the main port. When I saw that island coming up from the distance, I was SO excited. I already knew that I was in love. Once we disembarked we immediately purchased a ticket to tour around the idland in a small boat with a group of others. This was SUCH a good choice. I wish I could show the photos I took on this boat adventure right now; this island is beyond beautiful.

Our tour took us to all the different sites across the island. We stopped at various rock formations, natural arches created from the rocks, caves, red coral growing up the rocks, the blue grotto, and more. I even saw a dolphin! The blue grotto was a bit of a tourist trap – for €12.5 we were able to get into a small rowboat and tour the inside of the cave. The reason it is called the blue grotto is because of the striking blue color that illuminates the water and the rock formations that is created naturally from the sunlight that shines through the cave opening. It was a quick few minutes for a steep price, but the natural beauty is something completely unlike anything else in the world that I have seen.

That is what struck me most about Capri – the indescribable azzure color of the water. I swear, I never knew what the color blue looked like until I saw this water. I know, I sound a bit silly obsessing about a color, but I promise you that this blue made by nature is better than any blue color fashioned by man. I’m pretty sure I was annoying Tammy with how frequently I said, ‘look how blue the water is!’ Okay, blue-rant, done!

After our boat tour we indulged in lunch overlooking the water. Of course I had to get a Caprese salad… we were in Capri! Tammy ordered some sort of eggplant sandwich… I will have her write a guest entry one of these days because since that sandwich she hasn’t stopped obsessing over it. An ‘out-of-body’ experience was how she described the cuisine. Tammy is to the sandwich what I am to the blue.

We then spent the next few hours basking in the sun on the rocky beach. Since the beach was all rocks, the waves made a beautiful tinkling sound everytime the water receeded. You know those metallic balls that hang from those strings and you pull them away from each other and make patterns with the sounds? Yeah, that’s a good comparison of the sound. We were fortunate to get 2 free trolley tickets up to the top of the island and toured around the town with a lemon granita and limoncello gelato. Everything about it was paradise.

If I have any recommendations to anyone, it would be to visit this island. Capri stole my heart with its beauty, culture, food, and atmosphere.

(Dad – you and mom should go!!! (and take me too))

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