My Honeymoon is Cooler than Yours

best weekend getaways - Ocqueoc Falls in Michigan

No really, it is. Literally cooler.

When I tell people where I’m honeymooning, I get two reactions:

  1. Wow, seriously?! That’s so cool!
  2. Wow, really?! That’s…. different.

Typically followed up by the question, “How did you pick that place for your honeymoon?” or “Why?!”

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably already know where we’re going (I tweet about it quite frequently). I like playing guessing games, so I’m going to share some clues to reveal the coolest honeymoon destination ever:

  • Frolic on black sand beaches
  • Whale watching
  • Volcanic island nation
  • A very challenging language (which I’m trying to learn)
  • Beautiful nature and hiking opportunities
  • Really quaint towns
  • One of the most peaceful countries in the world
  • Elves, puffins and hot dogs…

Any ideas?




We are honeymooning in…..







See how my honeymoon is cooler than yours? I totally intended that as a temperature comparison, not in the superlative sense.

How did we choose Iceland for our honeymoon? Eric & I were really strategic (not) in our decision. First, Eric (oh, Eric, I do love him) had his “requirements” which were something along the lines of a short plane ride followed by an all-inclusive experience where we could sit on a beach and simply be. I’ve never had that experience, so it sounded like a dream. Belize. My honeymoon heart beat for Belize.

Then after weeks of imagining diving the Belize barrier reef, we actually sat down to talk through honeymoon plans. Actually, the conversation developed into our life travel goals, so we listed our top priority places we’d like to visit in the next 5ish years: Belize, Chile, Ireland, Spain, South Africa, Iceland, (trust me, I have 30 more places on this list).

Then it turned into the process of elimination. Belize, hurricane season; Chile, too expensive for a fancy honeymoon; South Africa, long plane ride; Iceland…. well, it’s cold! Totally not the sunshine + palm trees + fruity cocktails traditional thought of a honeymoon.

Then Eric had a weird deja vu moment. “Yep,” he said matter-of-factly, “we’re going to Iceland.”

Plane tickets to honeymoon in Iceland were purchased the next morning.

Yes, it was that simple of a process.

This isn't a waterfall in Iceland, though I'm sure there will be many waterfall adventures there! Photo by WiderLens Visual.

This isn’t a waterfall in Iceland, though I’m sure there will be many waterfall adventures there! Photo by WiderLens Visual.

We booked our tickets to Iceland back in January/February but have done NO PLANNING since. Help!

What should we do on our honeymoon to Iceland? Where should we go? Where should we stay? What activities should we try? As a recovering procrastinator attempting to coordinate a wedding, honeymoon planning has been barely simmering on the back burner as I hem and haw over trivial details like how I want napkins folded and what typeface combination to choose for invitations (seriously, why these decisions are so difficult for me?!).

I’ll be spending my weekend planning a trip at the coolest honeymoon destination. Wish me luck!

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