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This Post is About Pineapples

Draped around my cousin’s neck dangled a golden pineapple charm from a golden chain. Genna’s pineapple necklace, though subtle, instantly commanded all my attention. “Want to hear something cool about pineapples?” I asked.…

Moorea Itinerary
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5 Days in Moorea: A Complete Moorea Itinerary

Travel to Moorea: What’s it like? Moorea is Tahiti’s more touristy “mini-me” right across the water. While not as familiar as Tahiti or Bora Bora, Moorea boasts an incredible lineup of adventure activities against an idyllic, romantic setting at…


The Night The Hotel Lobby Came Alive

On October 20, the lobby at the Grand Traverse Resort became my favorite hotel lobby in the world. An iconic, award-winning Traverse City hotel, the Grand Traverse Resort and Spa towers above the Grand Traverse Bay. Rotating doors open…