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Aran Islands

I woke up at 7:30 refreshed and ready to take on the day. I have to thank my hostel for being so wonderful and making such a good night of sleep possible! It was my plan to go to…

England European Adventure

Crosswalk Warnings

Thank goodness every crosswalk in London had these signs. Opposite side traffic was so odd. Had it not been for these I’m sure I would have faced a red double decker bus in the middle of the road in…

England European Adventure

Hogwarts, I’m coming!!

I don’t understand! I went all the way to King’s Cross, ran into the wall with the trolley, and nothing happened. So disappointing. I was hoping to start my masters at Hogwarts. I think the platform must’ve been out…

England European Adventure

A Royal Tragedy

Well, by my lack of post I’m sure it has already been assumed that we in fact did not see the queen or the processional. It really is a tragic story.…