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A Royal Tragedy

Well, by my lack of post I’m sure it has already been assumed that we in fact did not see the queen or the processional. It really is a tragic story.

Shortly after my post about everyone climbing into our truck viewing spot, our worker friend’s coworker became very agitated with everyone’s presence. He turned the engine on. We heard “Everyone off!!”

And that was that. It was SO heartbreaking. And frustrating. I couldn’t believe our luck. We ran to another area to see the processional. We heard the crowd go wild when the queen went by and we think we saw the tip of her flag. Then I climbed this ridiculously obnoxious roadblocker to get photos, but still couldn’t see over the crowd.


So sad. Well, after I whined for awhile I realized that even though I didn’t get to physically see her with my own eyes, how fortunate I was to have felt her presence and influence on the people of London. That in itself is a worthy experience and it made me put things back in perspective and realize how truly fortunate I am. So what, I didn’t get to see the queen on this trip… But I was able to partake in a once in a lifetime event! The only other queen to reach her diamond jubilee was Queen Victoria. I know there won’t be another in my lifetime!

Plus, Lara and I awarded ourselves with a decent English meal. I enjoyed a vegetable tart.


And washed it down with:


Happy jubilee!!

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