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England European Adventure

Crosswalk Warnings

Thank goodness every crosswalk in London had these signs. Opposite side traffic was so odd. Had it not been for these I’m sure I would have faced a red double decker bus in the middle of the road in…

England European Adventure

Hogwarts, I’m coming!!

I don’t understand! I went all the way to King’s Cross, ran into the wall with the trolley, and nothing happened. So disappointing. I was hoping to start my masters at Hogwarts. I think the platform must’ve been out…

England European Adventure

A Royal Tragedy

Well, by my lack of post I’m sure it has already been assumed that we in fact did not see the queen or the processional. It really is a tragic story.…

England European Adventure

The Jubilee Concert

I got there a little late so I missed a significant portion of the show, but at least I was able to see the end! No, I didn’t actually get into the concert; rather I watched with thousands of…