Breakfast Cannolis & Birthday Lists

26 Things I Hope to Accomplish During My 26th Year

Here’s the trick to making lists of goals: always throw in a few things that are already guaranteed to come to fruition. I suppose the fitting way to mark this birthday is to write up a list of things I’d like to do during the next year. Goals stay as goals when they remain in your head. They only become action items when written and shared. So this morning I started my birthday with a cannoli for breakfast and a full day of work. But my affinity for lists and thoughts for the next year inspired me to take a moment to reflect and write down 26 things I hope to do/accomplish during my 26th year.

  1. Throw the biggest, best party I’ll ever throw (Complete!)
  2. Eat something adventurous (Complete!)
  3. Scuba dive or snorkel again (Complete!)
  4. Visit my out-of-state friends (Complete!)
  5. Attend a blogging conference or workshop to improve my skills (Complete!)
  6. Practice photography
  7. Decorate with my souvenirs from traveling (Complete!)
  8. Get a book of my travel photos printed
  9. Kayak to Turnip Rock in Port Austin
  10. See the Northern Lights (attempted & failed)
  11. Visit a new country (Complete! x2)
  12. Adore the tulips in Holland, MI (ended up going to Cabo that weekend instead)
  13. Show people my gratitude (Complete!)
  14. Send more snail mail (Complete!)
  15. Listen to live music
  16. Host the first Travel Massive in Detroit (semi-complete… attended Travel Massive in Ann Arbor)
  17. Eat deep dish pizza in Chicago
  18. Learn more about Detroit (Complete!)
  19. See the ice caves on Lake Superior (it never got cold enough!)
  20. Eat a pasty
  21. Make something (Complete! x20)
  22. Run a race (lol)
  23. Volunteer
  24. Read 5 Books
  25. Help someone else plan a trip
  26. Plant something

Anything else I should try to accomplish in the next year? Travel-related or otherwise? Do you make a birthday list?

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