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5 Favorite Experiences in Hakone

Traveling to Hakone, Japan? Here are my FIVE favorite Hakone experiences. One of my favorite places during our Japan travels, Hakone is a magical mountain town tucked halfway between Tokyo and Kyoto. It’s the perfect stop for a few…


I fell on a crowded train in Japan and lived to tell the tale

There’s a special kind of train etiquette in Japan. Be quiet. Converse minimally. Don’t chat on the phone. Set your phone to silent. Mind priority seating. Don’t smoke. It’s pretty simple. Unless you’re a klutz like me. What I don’t understand…


5 Favorite Food Experiences in Japan

If all the world’s a kitchen, Japan dishes out the most fascinating culinary experiences.  People may ask, what to eat in Japan? To which I respond, what NOT to eat in Japan? Japan has its own unique food culture,…

helpful apps for your trip to Japan

Apps that Saved my A** in Japan

Japan Travel Apps Phone service-free travel is liberating. It forces reliance on physical maps and asking locals for directions. It demands observation of one’s surroundings. It eradicates digital distraction. And sometimes it causes a bit of anxiety. Switching my…


First Impressions of Japan

Japan was a place where my general knowledge didn’t exceed beyond the stereotypes. Sure I made plenty of mistakes during this trip to Japan that could have been easily mitigated with some basic research, but my lack of research…

Louisiana USA

A History of New Orleans Food Tour

A History of New Orleans Food Tour A destination bachelorette party in New Orleans to celebrate the forthcoming wedding of my dear friend Melissa reunited some of my closest companions from college. A decade of friendship, Melissa ranks among…

rays of sun shining down on Moraine Park in Rocky Mountain National Park, a stop on our Denver to Dallas road trip.
Colorado Texas USA

Denver to Dallas Road Trip

A Denver to Dallas road trip was not originally in our travel plans. But traveling for a work conference to Dallas inspired some travel creativity: what if we fly into a different city, then road trip the rest of…