First Impressions of Japan

Japan was a place where my general knowledge didn’t exceed beyond the stereotypes. Sure I made plenty of mistakes during this trip to Japan that could have been easily mitigated with some basic research, but my lack of research is what created the element of surprise (and a little bit of magic) in visiting this foreign land.

I wrote a guest post for my friend Kimi, an expat in Japan, about my first impressions as a first timer in the country.  Her blog is an excellent resource for travelers planning to visit Japan. As someone who lives there, she provides insider insight that will inspire, thrill, and prepare anyone seeking Japanese inspiration.

Check it out! 

A First Timer’s Impressions of Japan

In the end, I can easily say that Japan was definitely one of the most unique places I’ve ever visited. There were so many things I loved about Japan as well as things that made me scratch my head.

It’s so fun to reflect back on travels and think about the expectation vs. reality of a destination. That’s what’s so great about travel – there are places that surprise you and experiences that far exceed even the greatest of expectations.

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