Where Do Good Moms Go?

I remember when it was just a window. A small little window tucked down a road off of Woodward. The first time I went there, I was impressed that something so good could be presented through such a tiny window… it was love at first taste. I’m talking about one of my favorite places in Detroit: Good Girls Go To Paris.

For the past few years I’ve raved about this restaurant and as the business relocated and expanded, so did my following. When I saw a post on their Facebook page about a special Mother’s Day crepe making class, I emailed my reservation within minutes.

On Mother’s Day I drove my unsuspecting mom down to the Good Girls Go To Paris shop in Midtown Detroit. We were welcomed by the enthusiastic entrepreneur, Torya who eagerly made us one of the best chai lattes I’ve ever had. Torya gathered all of us students around the traditional crepe griddles and explained the different crepe making tools.  She radiated passion. Her excitement for crepes made me believe in that moment that crepes were the most important thing in the world. She supports local businesses using flour from Avalon bakery and purchasing nearly all ingredients fresh from the Eastern Market.  I was amazed by her memory when she recognized me as a frequent customer – even recalling who some of my friends were and asking about them! Now that is a business owner who pays attention and values her clientele. Even when the crepe batter became a “sticky situation” on the griddle, Torya let the problem roll off her shoulders with positive statements amid spurts of humor and French expressions. Tres bien!

Making savory crepes with mom for Mother's Day at Good Girls Go To Paris in Midtown Detroit

Making savory crepes with mom for Mother’s Day at Good Girls Go To Paris in Midtown Detroit

Raking the crepe batter into that flat circle is all in the wrists! As a former baton-twirler, my mom caught on quickly… folding the crepe was a different story. Making crepes is the art of getting things “just right.” If you raked your batter too thick, it became a pancake. If you over-raked your batter the crepe would be too thin. We each made three crepes: one savory, one sweet, and one simple “butter” crepe.


  •  Savory: Amanda (I had to pick my name) – spinach, pine nuts, herbs de provence, parmesan
  •  Sweet: Melissa – brown sugar, ricotta, lemon, lemon cookies


  • Savory: Rose – tomato, basil, fresh mozzarella, balsamic 
  • Sweet: Alysha – Butterfinger, cream cheese, chocolate

One thing I learned is that attempting the “spread” the cheese around to evenly distribute it only tears the crepe batter… note to self… don’t attempt to spread! Another note – all of Torya’s crepes are named after her friends!

CrepesThe crepes were delicious. Even though we were novice crepe makers and not as graceful with tools, they still exceeded all expectations. This crepe making class was an incredible deal – worth every penny (and more) and an activity I would recommend to anyone.

My mom has taught me so much in life; it was only appropriate that I could give her the gift of experience so we could learn something new together. I’m very glad that I did this and it’s probably one of my favorite gifts I’ve ever given. Maybe it was the lighting. Or maybe it was the atmosphere. But watching my mom twirl that crepe batter on griddle confirmed that she really is the most beautiful person in the world. It was a happy moment. And even though I tend to be inexpressive in a sentimental sense, I felt an overwhelming feeling of love and admiration for her. Learning to make crepes with a wonderful teacher was a fun event, but what really made it special was sharing it with my mom.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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