European Adventure

What happens when you miss your flight?

It’s one of those questions I’ve always wondered but never knew the answer too. I guess we are going to find out what happens today. We were schedules to depart Dublin to Rome at 7:10. Not sure if you can see the time stamp. It it is about that time now and Tammy and I are still at our hostel.

I had a bad feeling last night so I set my alarm on my phone and kept it on as a backup to our alarm clock. So it really was no surprise to me when I woke up with a jolt this morning and saw that it was 6:23. Yeah… No way to make it

Good thing Tammy and I know how to shrug things off and roll with the punches. We are enjoying breakfast.

So what happens when you miss your flight?? We aren’t sure yet. I guess we’ll find out when we mosey on over to the airport!!

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