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The Final Day in Galway

Started my final day in Galway very well at my new favorite B&B with a full Irish breakfast prepared by my new favorite Irishman, Sean.



I then went on a free 2-hour walking tour of the city where I saw a lot of sights and learned about the history of Galway. What I love about walking tours is that they point out such little things that you wouldn’t even notice or know about if someone hadn’t shown you first. I like that.

In Eyre Square, which was right outside my hostel, here was live music playing from a band from Cork. The coolest thing about he band was that they were a Motown band!! This made me so excited. I loved them. I sat on the grass for some time listening to them until I was joined by my new friends Julien and CJ. We grabbed a bite to eat. The seafood chowder was incredible!!!!



And then I was off to the train station to begin my 5 hour commuter train to Killarney. What is funny is that I began this journey thinking that it was a direct train… Nope!!! I ended up needing to make about 4 transfers!! I took the last train of the day too, so one wrong move would have been disastrous. Luckily I met so many helpful and friendly people along he way who kept me company and guided me every step so I made it to Dublin without a worry or a headache. :)

The Irish are wonderful!

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