Ennis Bluebonnet Trail sign
Texas USA

Chasing the Texas Bluebonnets

We may have accidentally taken one of the best Texas road trips. The plan was simple. Dallas to Austin. Austin to San Antonio. But then we heard a rumor. “You may see bluebonnets while you’re on your way.” Bluebonnets.…

bachelorette party festivities in Miami
Florida USA

How I Made the Bride-to-Be Cry in Miami

This is my friend Lara. She’s a south Florida wedding photographer and getting married herself this summer. As her Maid of Honor, I knew I had to plan something special for her Miami bachelorette party — this is a…


5 Things I Didn’t Love About Japan

5 Surprising Things About Japan Before you all think I jumped aboard the Complain Train, take a look at my counter-post: 7 Things I Loved about Japan. There are so many things to love about this quirky country. But…


7 Things I LOVED about Japan

7 Things to Love About Japan A first-timer to Japan, I visited this country with very little expectations and prior knowledge about what I’d discover. My first impressions of Japan led me to find some things to love about Japan and…

Travel blogger Amanda with an owl on her shoulder at a Japanese owl cafe.

Japan Owl Cafe Experience

I went to a Japan Owl Cafe. This was my experience. We all sat at our desks. Laid before us rested a blank sheet of paper, tiny little plastic forcep, and wooden probe.  The teacher went around the classroom to…

Posing at the Mercedes Benz reveal party at NAIAS

Kick off Your Automotive Detroit Bucket List at the NAIAS

The Automotive Detroit Bucket List Detroit. It’s the “Motor City.” So much of Detroit’s history, successes, and world impact was (literally) driven by the automotive industry. Ask any native southeast Michigander and I guarantee they have at least one…

The interior of Jólagarðurinn, The Christmas Garden store in Akureyri, Iceland.

Souvenir Story: The Yule Lads of Iceland

Souvenir Story: The Yule Lads of Iceland Meet Bjúgnakrækir. That’s Icelandic for “sausage swiper.” And this is his mother’s cat, Jolakotturinn (The Yuletide Cat), who enjoys lounging in the sun, sleeping all day, and eating children. Yum. Every December…