My Epic Craziness

Something epicly awesome has happened. Remember this post where I talk about which bucket list items I would choose if I were to win the Most #EpicBucketList Contest (ever) from Contiki & The Buried Life? Well, I made it to the round of finalists. I know. Crazy. I wasn’t expecting it at all. I barely slid through the finish line with JUST enough points to be in the top 25, but I’ve got the scraped knees & the “Congratulations!” email to prove it.

Of the nearly 10,000 who entered, the top 25 will compete by submitting a 1 minute video where we are supposed to creatively share our story & explain why we should go on the #EpicBucketList adventure.

Featuring my inner rapstar “A-Car” and my trusty sidecat, “Chedda”, here’s my video:

If you want to read the lyrics, I posted them in the info on YouTube. If you like my video and want to support me in this endeavor, please share with your friends so they can watch me be a rapstar, or go ahead and send this tweet:

Hey @theburiedlife & @Contiki_US & @ContikiCAN – I want @AmandaaaCar to win the #EpicBucketList Challenge! http://youtu.be/zn0hQJVMAx0

Sometimes I feel crazy. But maybe being a bit crazed will get me to the Galapagos or Angkor Wat. :)

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