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Madrid Day 1

We arrived in Madrid a little past nine since we stayed on the beach in Barcelona for most of our day. Our map reading skills were not successful when we got off our metro line and spent more time than necessary looking for our hostel that was only a block away.


Since it was too late to begin any real sightseeing, we decided to hang out with the people from our hostel and go out on the town. It was a lot of fun and we met some cool guys from Sarasota. I was actually able to practice my Spanish a lot while we were out at some local establishments – which was very exciting for me.

I was somewhat complimented on my speaking, but I will be honest – they were all males who were just trying to be charming so I couldn’t take anyone seriously. Overall it was a good introduction to Madrid!

^our hostel is a historical building. I believe it was a palace. Check out that Moorish influence on the architecture!

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