European Adventure

Holy Cannoli!

There is much to update about! In this entry I will just do a basic overview and then go into more details in separate posts.

Yesterday was a very long – but incredible – day for Tammy and I. Our day began at 6:30am We packed our bags and made our way to Termini Station (the train station) to drop off our bags, activate our Eurail pass, reserve our train seat to Sorrento, and jump on the Metro to the Vatican. Navigating Termini took a lot of walking, reading signs, and trial & error but no worries – we figured it all out!

Before jumping on the Metro to the Vatican, Tammy & I grabbed a deilcious Italian pastry for breakfast to go. Once we got off the Metro we were greeted by a young gentlemen working as a salesman for a tour company. We accepted and lucky us, he brought us to a nearby bakery where he bought Tammy & I a cappuccino. So there we were, on a beautiful Italian morning at 9am, sitting outside the walls of the Vatican, sipping on a delicious cappuccino. It was picturesque.

I will go into more details about the Vatican in my entry here.

We left the Vatican much later than we had expected. Therefore our journey to Sorrento was delayed. By the way… earlier in the day when we were trying to figure everything out, we discovered that there was no train from Rome to Sorrento. Ohhh the brief shining moment of panic. We figured out that we needed to train to Naples and then connect to Sorrento. Whew. Problem solved.

Our train to Naples was a nice high-speed train that took an hour. Comfy seats, tables, luggage storage… ahhh it was lovely. Tammy took a catnap while I kept my eyes glued to the window. There is something that is just so enchanting about watching the green countryside dotted with red-roofed villages framed by mountains sweep past. I should have rested, but my eyes would not let me.

The connecting train took some time figuring out, especially since English was much scarcer in Naples than in Rome. If our first train was a luxury train, I would say that this train was an apparent commuter train. Hard seats, packed, no luggage storage, no tables… Not that it was unbearable; it was just a little downgrade.

Arriving in Sorrento was so exciting. For the last few minutes of our trip, there were lemon groves adjacent to the train on each side. It was SO beautiful seeing those trees dotted with yellow EVERYWHERE. Since I have seen those groves I want nothing more than to run through them. And drink lemonade. Did you know that Tammy and I cannot find a single drink of lemonade here? When life hands you lemons, make lemonade… but not in Sorrento…

Our first night in Sorrento post is coming soon|

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