Great Lakes Coffee

Discovered this gem as I was jogging down Woodward one evening. I’m no coffee connoisseur but I always judge my coffee on my ability to drink it with no sugar and limited creamer along with my level of productivity post-coffee consumption. Like I said, there is no science to my judgement.

I was fortunate to go on an early morning coffee date to Great Lakes Coffee and all I have to say is GO THERE! Happy tastebuds and an industrious day followed this breakfast treat.

The location is convenient right on the corner of Woodward near the medical centers and Wayne State University. The atmosphere is edgy, the shop is huge, the coffee and baked goods are of high quality deliciousness – sheesh, when I ordered my breakfast bread it was still warm from the oven! There’s even a lovely outdoor seating area… however, we are in Detroit so the aesthetics are slightly lacking but the people watching is always entertaining.

Moral of the story, it is always positive to see more businesses opening their doors in Detroit. I will always support and promote businesses in this city as long as they do good in their product and customer treatment. Not only will I return in the future for some early morning energy, I will probably drop in one evening for an nice glass of wine. Did I say wine??! Yes – not only is this a coffee bar, they also serve wine, beer and cocktails. Best ‘coffee’ shop ever!

Check out their website, then check out their storefront. Enjoy!

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