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Electric Bikes to Montjuic

Our walking tour guide was so wonderful that we decided to take his electric bike tour to Montjuic. It was SO MUCH FUN. For anyone going to Barcelona, you need to do this tour and request JB. We Heard about it originally through our hostel, Kabul.


The electric bikes were difficult to get accustomed to at first. Pedaling caused you to zoom forward very quickly. We had a few crashes and wipeouts at first. Tammy claimed a couple of those wipeouts. It was hilarious, a group of us girls riding around on the electric bikes trying to dart through people, traffic, and he narrow streets.

Montjuic is a tall mountain overlooking Barcelona. The name means “Mountain of the Jews” since that’s where the Jewish used to bury their dead. It is also the site of the Olympics and where public executions used to be held during times of political unrest and instability. Much of our bike tour was aimed around the history of the anarchists. Our tour guide, JB also had us stop and we grabbed some watermelons and Damm Lemons for the top nod the mountain.

Here are some sights during our bike ride:







At the end of the tour it began to rain. It was so fun riding downhill with the light rain splashing down. It smelled like a spring day. It was beautiful.

We took a stop at his favorite tapas place (cheap and where the locals go) so we had a lot of food for a smaller price.


On our final ride home, the rain had disappated but it was still wet outside. It was during the sunset too. There was a beautiful rainbow across the sea too. Such a lovely sight for the end of a great day.




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