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A Weekend in Indianapolis

At this time last Friday, I felt like a fifth grader on the last day of school. Though instead of chanting “Summer! Summer! Summer! Summer!” my brain rhythmically chimed “Indy! Indy! Indy! Indy!” Once the clock struck 5pm, my favorite…

Michigan USA

A Weekend Escape to Northern Michigan

This weekend I am escaping to northern Michigan – and there’s no better timing.  Right now, Mother Nature should be at the peak of flaunting all she’s got, setting the trees ablaze in brilliant crimson, auburn, gold, and chartreuse.…

Texas USA

What I Didn’t Know About West, Texas

The road trip from Dallas to Austin was longer than expected and laden with sporadic traffic jams.  The checkpoint of hope beamed at Exit 353 along I-35.  There were notices along the roadway that teased about the gluttonous glory…

Fort Worth Stockyards
Texas USA

Finding The West at the Fort Worth Stockyards

It’s embarrassing to admit that sometimes I’m still stuck in my childhood stereotype of how I expect a place to be.  When I learned I was traveling to Texas, I excitedly imagined a “Fievel Goes West” destination with dusty…

Texas USA

Connecting the Dots at the Sixth Floor Museum

A visit to the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas, TX offered more than a history lesson of the life & legacy of America's 35th president, JFK - it connected different travel dots I had collected during several travels. …

Texas USA

Top of the World: Mount Bonnell

When it’s a scorching 100° in Austin, TX and a climb up Mount Bonnell is on the day’s agenda, the unknowing tourist may start perspiring simply at the thought of a mountain hike.  Trust me, I felt that way. …