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weekend in Traverse City
Pure Michigan USA

Power Trip: A Romantic Weekend in Traverse City

A weekend in Traverse City, Michigan. Traverse City is known for it’s wine and beer, stunning vistas, proximity to national & state parks, and unlimited itinerary options for families or couples. We’re focusing on the romance, dialing up the fancy,…

Chicago beach skyline
Desk Departure USA

When it’s worth being crazy to travel

“You’re crazy.” That’s what they told me. “They” being nearly everyone I encountered and shared my plan with. The plan: Work all day Friday. Come home to a family party hosted at my house. Leave around midnight to drive…


A Weekend in Indianapolis

At this time last Friday, I felt like a fifth grader on the last day of school. Though instead of chanting “Summer! Summer! Summer! Summer!” my brain rhythmically chimed “Indy! Indy! Indy! Indy!” Once the clock struck 5pm, my favorite…

Pure Michigan USA

A Weekend Escape to Northern Michigan

This weekend I am escaping to northern Michigan – and there’s no better timing.  Right now, Mother Nature should be at the peak of flaunting all she’s got, setting the trees ablaze in brilliant crimson, auburn, gold, and chartreuse.…

Texas USA

What I Didn’t Know About West, Texas

The road trip from Dallas to Austin was longer than expected and laden with sporadic traffic jams.  The checkpoint of hope beamed at Exit 353 along I-35.  There were notices along the roadway that teased about the gluttonous glory…