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Barcelona Day 3

This was my favorite day in Barcelona! We started the day out right with some churros con chocolate for breakfast.


Since we were planning on going to the beach for the late morning and afternoon, we decided to go to la boqueria for some beach snacks. La boqueria is such a gem that we wished we would’ve discovered earlier. It is a huge market with a bounty of fruits, juices, meats, fish, nuts, candy, spices, etc. it is almost overwhelming. It reminded me of the eastern market back home only more compact and less variety of food. And of course very Spanish.



So colorful and wonderful!

On maps things seem a lot closer than what they are in reality. Our walk to the beach with our short legs took a solid 30 mins. The weather was nice and warm but unfortunately it was overcast so we didn’t get as much sun. But the beach was a lot less crowded!



We enjoyed our strawberries and juices from la boqueria. We played in the water – which was shockingly crisp at first touch but felt SO refreshing afterwards. Actually, the current was so strong it was slightly overpowering for me. I kept getting knocked over!! I thought I was going to be swept away to sea.


After our beach trip we did a bike tour to Montjuic, which I will talk about in another post!!

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