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And then we learned about the Spanish nightlife…

After our meal of paella and sangria we were ready for a nice siesta. Naps and I don’t usually get along too well, but I tried my best, gave up, and went to the lounge to charge my phone (there were only plugs in the common areas). That’s when my new friend King Henry said hi…

… and brought me a present from the bar. He was one of the workers at the hostel and was telling us about the nightlife. Apparently in Spain, when you go our for a night
on the town, you’re out until 5 or 6 in the morning. !!!! Now I understand the logic behind the siesta!

It almost seems absurd to me, to be out that late, but it is such an important aspect to the Spanish culture, I’m learning. So we decided to do as the Spanish do and participated in the outing from our hostel to go to one of Barcelona’s best discotecas: Opium. And we weren’t organized to leave the hostel until 1:45am. Typically cover charge is 23€, but it was free with our hostel. The question Tammy and I were left with after our experience was what makes a night club so great? Especially good enough to charge that much money?

Our overall review of the place was mediocre… Maybe even less than satisfactory. There was no toilet paper in the WC, the music wasn’t that fun to dance to, the clientele was not impressive, and a simple mixed drink would have cost 10€.

Oh, and Tammy almost got kicked out because she wore flip flops. Haha. We ran away from security and hid amongst the crowd.

We had an annoying experience with some of the company we attended with, so we left early. We didn’t even last a few hours, but that’s ok. At least we had the crazy Barcelonan discoteca experience for a bit. :) It was nice to be sleeping by 4 when everyone else was strolling in between 6 and 8!


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