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Amanda-Carnagie-travel-bloggerMy name is Amanda. My religion is awe & wonder. My house of worship is our marvelous Earth. I established this blog to communicate with my family during my 5-week European Adventure, as I struggled with wifi access and iPhone autocorrect challenges. The posts were often a quick, “Hey! I’m alive! Just saw Eiffel Tower! Cool!” Now I’m working to expand what I began.  I’m new to travel blogging – comments, critique, and community are welcome.

A Love for Travel. Traveling is like stepping into infinity. You become a speck of a place that has seemingly lasted forever. It’s larger than humanity, but your presence is embraced into its significance. The same sea has lapped the shore for millennia. Thousands of eyes have gazed upon that blue horizon. Yet paradoxically, as infinite as they seem, places have a fragility. Places become victims of human irresponsibility, ravaged by commercialization, changed by history, or decomposed by nature. I desire nothing more than to experience as much of the world and its places, people, and activities while they last. Traveling awakens my mind, energizes my being.

A Love for Writing. As a child, I expressed stories in drawings. Once I learned to write, I was hooked. When I read The Diary of Anne Frank, writing revealed its depth & strength & immortality. Writing translated into preservation of the soul. To write is my fondest form of human expression.

Amanda on Bike in Amsterdam

A Union of Love. Cue blogging. Where my dream of travel and passion for writing met, married, and are on their way to live happily ever after. The matrimony of my 2 loves is propelling me to develop this blog. It feels synergistic. Blogging transcends creative expression: it’s sharing, growing, and belonging. I can only hope that in divulging my experiences, others will be inspired to somersault into the world and write their hearts too.


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