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Our First Day in Barcelona

We arrived in Barcelona on Sunday by train at around 11. It took some trial and error to figure out where we were going because somebody (not me!! … Ok, ok…me) didn’t figure out directions from the station to the hostel.

But the important thing is that we made it!! It was located in Plaza Real which is a beautiful square right off of La Rambla (barcelona’s most famous street) and it was huge and beautiful. I now understand why it is considered one of the best hostels in Europe. It is 5 stories of rooms, free breakfast/dinner/Internet, an amazing lounge, in-hostel bar, laundry facilities on site and had an incredible social atmosphere.

This is the view from our room balcony:

Of course the first thing we did was engorge ourselves with sangria and paella – we were travel weary and famished from our overnight train. We ate right in the Plaza with the sun beaming down on us. SO delicious. Yes, I think Tammy and I now consider ourselves foodies after the amounts we consume. We can’t help it – when in Europe, eat everything!! 20120524-004300.jpg



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