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  • Rick Repicky

    Amanda – Your mom passed on your blog address – I am so impressed! – Your pictures are spectacular and your commentary so interesting. I am amazed by the number of places you have been. I especially enjoy reading your comments about places that Mrs. R & I have visited ourselves – Killarney & Amsterdam, for example. I also enjoyed your comments about Stonehenge and how you & your dad had a common interest in this landmark.
    Keep “enjoying life.” You have so much to offer. It appears from the posting above that you already have a great grasp about what’s important. – Rick Repicky

    • Hi Mr. Repicky – how nice of you to stumble across my European Adventure blog! I had the time of my life and I’m glad I could use this channel as a way to reach out and share my experiences. I didn’t know that you’ve also been to Killarney & Amsterdam – they are wonderful places! I will definitely continue to enjoy life — it’s the best thing to do with it!

      Thank you for your kind words. :)

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