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European Adventure Spain

Madrid in a Nutshell

Madrid was wonderful – and so hot! I have to admit that this city is exhausting – not only with the late nights that the Spanish are so fond of, but the amount of walking and the heat we…

European Adventure Spain

Madrid Day 1

We arrived in Madrid a little past nine since we stayed on the beach in Barcelona for most of our day. Our map reading skills were not successful when we got off our metro line and spent more time…

European Adventure Spain

Our last night in Barcelona

On our last night in Barcelona we decided to not hang out at the hostel and find out what everyone else was doing, but rather go off ourselves at establishments that were more “local.”…

European Adventure Spain

The Flamenco Show

Right next door to our hostel in Plaza Real was a small place where they had multiple flamenco shows per night. Luckily we also received a discount price since we booked the hostel next door.…

European Adventure Spain

Electric Bikes to Montjuic

Our walking tour guide was so wonderful that we decided to take his electric bike tour to Montjuic. It was SO MUCH FUN. For anyone going to Barcelona, you need to do this tour and request JB. We Heard…

European Adventure Spain

Gourmet Tapas

After our walking tour, we were ruled by our stomachs and found a really nice tapas place outside of la Catedral and the architecture school. First we said we were only going to have 3 or 4 tapas but…