Incorporating Travel

Admitting My Truth & Introducing a Rebrand

You may have noticed a change. An aesthetic change. A name change. A change from UnrestingSea to The World Incorporated. To introduce this change, it’s time to share the truth.

The truth?

Well, I think the truth is that with UnrestingSea, I’d been living a lie. From my blog, you may have had the false impression that I’m bouncing around the globe. I’m not. The truth? I’m a travel blogger with a full-time job. I’m a part-time traveler. I’m a career woman. Travel is NOT my entire life, though it’s a very important facet of it.

I’m the average American: I work the 9-5 grind and plot ways to maximize vacation days.

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Chicago beach skyline
Desk Departure USA

When it’s worth being crazy to travel

“You’re crazy.” That’s what they told me. “They” being nearly everyone I encountered and shared my plan with. The plan: Work all day Friday. Come home to a family party hosted at my house. Leave around midnight to drive…

Fjallsárlón glacier lagoon

In Search of the Secret Ice Cave

In Search of the Secret Ice Cave Silence. We’re standing on the edge of Fjallsárlón. It’s a glacier lagoon adjacent to it’s more famous counterpart, Jökulsárlón. It’s different, however. The water is murky brown like chocolate milk. Too opaque to peer…


Food in Iceland You Need to Try

  When it comes to food in Iceland, one may not expect a small island hovering below the Arctic Circle to hold a fork in culinary delight. But it does. In a county that has ZERO McDonald’s (yes, you read that…


What to Wear in Iceland

SUGGESTED READING: 9-Day Iceland Itinerary It’s difficult enough to figure out what to wear on your average Monday. But figuring out what to wear in Iceland is a a whole new challenge. Especially when you’re trying to figure out…

9 day itinerary in Iceland, cat and Iceland map

Recommended 9 Day Iceland Itinerary

When I sat down to plan our Iceland itinerary for our epic honeymoon road trip, I became instantaneously overwhelmed. For a few reasons: Despite it’s size, it’s astounding how much there is to see/do in Iceland. It’s difficult to determine…

Where to stay in Iceland

Where to Stay in Iceland

Where to stay in Iceland? There are so many Iceland accommodations available for the traveler, depending on budget and type of trip. Budget travel in Iceland? Consider camping, hiring a camper van, or hosteling. Luxury travel in Iceland? Check…

Amand and Eric wedding.

2015: The Year of Celebrations & New Beginnings

This post is my way to figuratively place my highlights of the year in a pretty box, tie it to a balloon with 2015 written across, and let it sail into the stars. The box will have two tags…


A Christmas-Themed Weekend in Toronto

If you’ve been a longtime reader of UnrestingSea, you’ve probably read Toronto by Suggestion, when my friend Lara and I stayed in a hostel and rode bikes around the city in the summer. I’ve been eager to return since. I recently…