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This travel blogger sold her house. What happened next may surprise you.

House is sold! But I'm a travel blogger with a full time job, which means I simply bought another house. :)

Such a clickbait post title, eh?

After a few months of keeping it “show ready” and vacating the premises with cat-in-tow on a short 30 minute notice and hearing crickets after showings and open houses, we sold our house.


my cat Cheddar at the Chesterfield historical village

What do you do with your cat when you get kicked out of your house for a showing? Wander around the local historical village, of course!

Cheddar the cheetoh cat visiting the one room school house in Chesterfield.

Cheddar isn’t impressed with the one room schoolhouse. Look at that cattitude. “Mom, can we go home yet?”

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