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Cheers to a Year: Why Your Anniversary Trip Should be in Traverse City

anniversary trip

On your 50th anniversary, will you look back and smile at all your memories and travels as a couple?

Why should you take an Anniversary Trip?

Because science.

It’s proven that couples who travel together, stay together. I’m sure I read it in some scientific journal. I’m sure of it. Because travel makes people happy and happiness stems from dopamine in the brain and that’s just like the feeling of falling in love. Travel = Happy = Love. See? Science.

Just like you’re more likely to have a second date if you spend your first on a roller coaster vs. the movies, you’ll probably be more likely to have a next anniversary if you spend this one exploring somewhere new vs. folding laundry at home. The brain likes an adrenaline rush. The brain likes adventure. Okay, maybe it isn’t proven psychology for successful courtship (at least not what a quick Google search could divulge), but I have a good hunch about this one.

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